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Nicola D

Yummy food and cocktails

We stayed in the hotel and as European's found the selection of foods and drinks here excellent. They do themed all you can eat buffets most nights which is handy for travellers. Entertainment most nights too with pool tables and family friendly also.

Paul Newman

Dark side treasure

This for me is one of the best places to go on Friday and Saturday nights for the buffet. Price went up 20 baht to 219 but still great value. Always a soup plus rolls and butter and then a big range of salad stuff to go with your choice of beef, pork, chicken or fish, and of course those very good fries. Fruit to finish off. The staff is always on the ball and I have been here so often I greeted by all of them. If you want to be really indulgent, you go next door...

Les E

Great Friday and Saturday buffet

If my wife is away, I head for this eatery that is just down the road for me. The buffet is great. There is a different soup each time and they are all good. I have two bowls of soup with rolls and butter and follow this with a plate of salad. Then I let this go down before choosing three pieces of fish. The staff takes this to the chef to be cooked and while this is happening I get a plate of chips. YES, chips and they are very good, The fish soon...

Felicity S

Great value and friendly service

This is a great place to meet friends for a meal and drinks. The menu is not huge but suits most peoples tastes. The staff is very friendly and the service efficient. Don't miss the Friday and Saturday BBQ Buffet. For only 219 baht, you get soup, salad, Beef, Chicken Pork & Fish, as much as you want, cooked to order, followed by fresh fruit. Well worth putting on your favorites list.